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Feb 14th


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VECTORIAL ELEVATION – Lighting Up the Vancouver Sky

Last night was the opening night of Cultural Olympiad’s Vectoral Elevation light show.

The hype-up on the CODE website and at www.vectorialvancouver.net was enough to get me excited.  20, 10kW searchlights, covering a 100,000 m2 canopy of light, I can’t even begin to rationalize what that even means, but it sounds big, it sounds powerful, it sounds ripe to wow me.

After walking up through Vancouver’s West End I was finally able to sit back on Sunset Beach, gaze into the sky and be taken aback by the brilliant illumination over English Bay.  The lights were powerful, there were a lot of them, and they moved around with precision, cutting through this perfect Vancouver backdrop.

Another facet of this experience is the ability to visit www.vectorialvancouver.net and design your own light pattern.  According to the homepage “the project is not intended as a cathartic pre-programmed spectacle like a fireworks display… is designed to attract constant, personal participation that creates a sense of connection, complicity and entitlement.”   This is a very cool concept, that although must have been a nightmare to implement, really succeeds in creating an interactive, connected experience.

Every 12 seconds the lights change patterns and move throughout the sky, each set apparently differently than the last.  Maybe its just me and my lack of artistic sense, but I really didn’t see much of a different between the different sets, surely not enough to identify a pattern that I created online.  Maybe if I had a different view, maybe if there wasn’t so much low cloud last night, maybe if there was music or something that guided me to have an artistic experience….

Although I lacked the artistic interpretation, I still had an overall appreciation for this experience. This was something I’ve never seen before, something that when framed within the greater context of the 2010 Winter Games, is a perfect compliment to the electricity that has begun to take over the city.

I did not see any corporate branding or any mention of sponsorship either at the actual site of the lights or on the website.  I could only assume that the CODE sponsors were responsible for this activation.  It makes me wonder a bit why there wasn’t at least a title sponsor: “INSERT COMPANY NAME” Vectorial Elevation; has a nice ring to it.

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