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Feb 27th


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The Northern House

A long line down the block is a good indication that what’s inside is worth the wait.  The Northern House was definitely worth the wait!  Although there wasn’t any loud music or food in which there is normally an abundance of during the Olympics, the Northern House focussed their attention on their art and cultural side.   The house included the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Nunavut Territory.  There are 2 floors in the house, and each floor exhibits different pieces of clothing, jewellery, and art pieces.  The clothing that was on display was beautiful pieces native to the people in each territory.

There was a large screen set up in the basement where they showed a short movie which showcased each territory, identifying great hikes, kayaking or canoeing trips, hunting, food, Aboriginal groups, and the beauty of the Northern landscape.  Throughout the house there are several stuffed hides on display, which gives you a chance to be up close to a Polar Bear and a wolf and see the enormity and beauty of these animals that call the North their home.

The North is very well known for the mining.  If you are interested in seeing a large golden nugget or diamond that was mined in the territories this is a great opportunity.  A short exhibit shows how they mine, clean the jewellery, and get it ready for selling.  There are many interesting facts you learn, and surprising facts of how big a stake Northern Canada has in gold and diamonds sold around the world!

The Northern House was an excellent location to visit and I definitely encourage others to go.  There wasn’t any sponsorship branding at the northern house besides the local artists and artisans names that complimented their art. I can tell you that the art, culture, and landscape they exhibited will definitely draw tourists to our beautiful North.

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