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Feb 27th


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The Holland Heineken House

There’s an old Dutch saying that “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much”.  After experiencing the Holland Heineken House just after the Dutch won a gold medal in speed skating I can definitely attest to that statement.  Located inside the O-zone in Richmond, the Dutch have made this hockey arena-turned dance hall the place to be.  Having a Dutch background I may bring a biased perspective, but my Canadian comrades would agree the Dutch know how to put on a good party!

Upon entering the Holland House, there are a few small stores selling Dutch Olympic gear and paraphernalia where you can find the much sought after orange Heineken Holland House toques.  You will then make your way into the former hockey rink where they have Holland’s best bands and DJ’s.  If you arrived when I did you would have been overwhelmed with the sea of orange and the Dutch proudly singing the lyrics of all their favourite classics.  I was not discouraged at all by the unfamiliarity of their songs as the energy of the room brought everyone onto the dance floor.  If you didn’t find yourself dancing you were probably recharging with some of Holland’s well known foods: the Kroket and Frites.

Heineken beer was the sole sponsor for the Holland House, taking the title sponsor and having the entire venue branded with the Heineken logo and colours.  The sponsorship was very tasteful and not too overbearing.  A simple lit Heineken sign above each bar and on the main stage, keeping with the Heineken colour theme, and their logo on all the staff’s uniform kept a classy, yet strong marketing strategy for Heineken.

Overall, an excellent sponsorship initiative and one of my top ranked places to experience this Olympics.

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