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Feb 14th


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Social Media and Olympic Secrets

I was interviewed by Yasuo Watanabe from Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS News) the day before the Opening Ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  With many people chatting around their dinner tables about various elements of this greatly anticipated event – “who will be the final torch-bearer and light the cauldron, what will the Olympic cauldron look like, artistic surprises, performers, etc. – there was no shortage of interesting threads that we could discuss.

With that in mind, TBS was looking for my perspective on ‘the element of secrecy’ with respect to the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.  We also got into a side-bar conversation about the pro’s & con’s of social media as it relates to the Olympics, major events, sponsorship activations, and public relations.  I’m personally quite interested and in this area (and if you’d like my POV on any of this, I’d be happy to chat about it), so was a pretty natural discussion for us to have.

Here’s the clip (my very short cameo starts at about the half-way mark): Garnet Nelson interview on TBS News.

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