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Mar 3rd


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Saskatchewan Pavilion

In my opinion, the pavilion that achieved the best balance between a great place to party and a good learning experience is the Saskatchewan pavilion.  With two separate areas to visit, the Saskatchewan pavilion managed to achieve giving their visitors a learning opportunity, as well as a chance to experience Saskatchewan’s fun side.

In one of the areas, inside a large, white sphere, there were several stations set up showcasing the province’s agriculture, flowers, foods, and natural resources.  With all the videos, images, banners, products, and educated volunteers I left there knowing a lot more about the province then I did when I walked in.  The visual imagery gave the visitor a sense of Saskatchewan’s clean, simplistic, and beautiful province.  An excellent souvenir of the pavilion was a photo opportunity taken in front of a green screen, giving you the option of choosing your favourite background.

The other area of the pavilion that drew the crowds was the huge beer garden and concert hall.  If there wasn’t a live band on stage you could count on them airing the Olympic events on a huge screen.  With plenty of seating and entertainment, the Saskatchewan pavilion became a great place for friends and family to gather to experience the Olympics.  The green carpet and large banners of blue sky and clouds hanging from the ceiling added to the overall Saskatchewan experience.

Although the pavilion was not branded with any corporate sponsors, it did give special recognition of all the partners that were involved in making it a success.  Sponsors were recognized on large-sized banners beside the stations, and inside the beer garden there were several other banners set up as well. On each side of the main stage two of their main sponsors were given exposure with their logos presented.

An excellent blend of education and fun is what you can expect at this pavilion.

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