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Mar 4th


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Robson Square: Lasers and Fire Oh My!

Nightly at 9:30pm and 11:00pm a German pyrotechnic programming company stages quite the spectical at Robson Square.

Ignite the dream Pyrotechnic show has many flashy elements to get a crowd excited:  lasers, fire, pump up music, fireworks,  zip-lining snowboarders, skiers, hockey players, a giant Canada flag and a goalie on a raised podium.

The 10 min or so show is extremely random, kinda cheesy, yet pure entertainment!

What did I learn from watching this show?  The perfect recipe to entertain a mass of people.  Get some loud music, lots of colour, explosions and mix in some random symbols of Canadiana and the whole crowd will be cheering, ooo’ing and awing.   Are humans really that easy to wow?  This simple formula proves that indeed we are.

Sponsorship: I did not see any noticeable mention of sponsors or advertisement.

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