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Aug 29th


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Chevrolet’s Partnership at the PNE Fair

To many, The Fair at the PNE defines summertime in Vancouver – since 1910!  With over 800,000 attendees each year, the event is the largest ticketed event in British Columbia. Mention the PNE to any Vancouverite and they will probably think of the word mini-donut, proof that the PNE is a property engrained in everyone. But aside from this sweet treat the PNE also offers a gamut of fun and exciting attractions including rides, midway, interactive exhibits, petting zoos, acrobatics acts, performance stages, and a dozen more attractions making this property one giant playground waiting to be discovered.  Great for the fair goer but also an amazing opportunity for sponsors.

One brand that came to play this year was Chevrolet of Canada. Joining the ranks of other partners including WestJet, Rogers, and Vancity, Chevrolet locked into a multi-year deal with the PNE giving them ownership of the Chevrolet Performance Stage, a 40 x 60 activation footprint in the Celebration Plaza, and exposure through vehicle prizing with the Lottery Prize Home contest. A list of very valuable assets in terms of exposure that provide a huge opportunity to make an impact when activated in smart and strategic way.

Chevrolet’s main activation was the Road Coaster. This test drive simulator was more than impressive and is a must-see if you are visiting the PNE. Showcasing both the Chevrolet Camaro and Spark, you are invited into the experience by first having your photo taken for a personalized drivers license. Once properly accredited you are next invited to step into one of the two cars for a 3 minute virtual test drive providing the opportunity to sit in the vehicles, experience them, and most of all have a fun interaction with the Chevrolet brand. Once finished you can then enter the Enterprise Contest for a chance to win a real vehicle and interact with a product specialist to book an actual test drive if you were inspired from the virtual test drive. This guest experience didn’t miss a step and was captivating from beginning to end by being personalized, unique and engaging. With lineups throughout the day it seems like the crowds of the PNE also agreed.  

It is clear to see that this sponsorship is definitely off to a great start but one of the exciting things about new partnerships is to see where they go. With big plans in 2014 for the Performance Stage, this asset could open up a whole new level of opportunity for Chevrolet to activate and leverage content in more of a community and multicultural setting. A captive audience either enjoying or waiting for a performance is a goldmine if interacted and engaged with properly, and warrants a much greater opportunity than just signage and branding. VIP areas, custom viewing experiences, creative seating, interactive stage displays – really the possibilities are endless.

As always words don’t do an experience justice. Visit the PNE to experience both the Road Coaster and the property as a whole. Finding a property that provides such a fun, well-known and exciting platform is truly unique and can provide huge opportunity, value and benefit to the right sponsor that is looking to make an impact in a fun and creative manor.

And don’t forget to grab some mini-donuts while you are there.

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