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Mar 5th


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BC Pavilion – The Vancouver Art Gallery

As part of the BC Pavilion, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a place to experience BC arts and culture. There was not a single minute in the operating hours where you would find an empty line leading up to the art gallery. Perhaps that is due to the much anticipated Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.

On the exterior facade of the gallery there is a beautiful, hand painted mural by Michael Lin which became a very popular photo opportunity and undoubtedly generated a lot of interest to see what else is inside. There were several exhibits that were prepared for the Olympic Games, including the popular Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual, The Mechanics of Man by Leonardo da Vinci as well as Artist Videos.

The Mechanics of Man was a highlight of the art gallery, showcasing sketches of the human body and an unfinished manuscript of the human body that was personally loaned to the museum by Queen Elizabeth II for the duration of the Games. Although Leonardo da Vinci does not exactly shout Canadian or British Columbian, the Mechanics of Man exhibit had an interesting correlation to the Olympics, as it dissected the anatomy of the human body and its anatomical parts.

The exhibit that really focussed on BC’s art and artists is the Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual. The exhibition highlights key artistic practices that have shaped and influenced the public perception of the BC region, including a collection of landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits that really speak to the diversity in BC.

It was a great experience at the art gallery, and a huge bonus to have it available during the Olympics free-of-charge.  It is an excellent option for visitors who want to escape the sport madness for a while and take in BC’s creative side.

The Vancouver Art Gallery did not have a lot of visible sponsorship as they directed the viewer’s attention to showcasing the talents of the artists and their work.

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