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Mar 23rd


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Passive House – Sustainable Innovation Paired with Great Hospitality

From all of the ‘green’ activations I have experienced throughout the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games I have to name the Austria Passive House as my favorite.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience some amazing Austrian hospitality with a visit to the Passive House – located just a short walk from the Whistler Day Lots.  With a handful of Whistler locals telling me that ‘I have to go visit the House’ it was a pretty easy decision to take the 10 minute walk.

Upon arriving at the Passive House I was automatically impressed with the construction of the building.  It’s amazing to think that this house was fully built in Austria and shipped to Whistler for construction.  Once inside, the charm of the wooden chalet-like structure and the boisterous people made me automatically feel welcome.  Although the ‘green’ aspects of the Passive House (energy efficient, self-heating and cooling) initially impressed me, it was the clean interior décor, the authentic Austrian bartenders and servers (in real leather lederhosen), and the complementary Austrian food, wine and beer that truly set an impressive and memorable après ski atmosphere – an experience that fits well with Whistler.

From a sponsorship branding perspective I feel that there could have been more time and energy spent on developing the on-site branding, logo presence, and look and feel- especially from the outside, but overall I have to give the Austrian Olympic Committee a gold star. Not only was the Passive House open during both the Olympics and Paralympics, but contrary to many other sponsor activations that take down shop after the celebrations are over, the Passive House will remain intact and be given to the Municipality of Whistler as a legacy for community use.  It’s clear to see that Whistler is very excited about this, proving the point that sometimes actions do speak louder than words.

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