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Jul 18th


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Hershey’s Canada Brings ‘Sweet Moments to Life’ at BC Place Stadium

BC Place Stadium is thrilled to welcome Hershey’s Canada and its family of brands to the roster of in-stadium food and beverage options! As the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, Hershey’s Canada will feature some of their most popular chocolate bars and candy products in various sizes, including Reese®, Oh Henry®, SKOR® Jolly Rancher®, Twizzlers® and Brookside dark chocolate covered fruit juice products, from BC’s very own Brookside Farms.

In a first of its-kind partnership, combining product sales throughout BC Place with an extensive brand activation and consumer engagement program, Hershey’s Canada and BC Place have already seen a significant rise in demand.

Event attendees will be able to ‘Bring Sweet Moments to Life’ with Canada’s most popular chocolate treats and great-tasting snacks, further elevating the guest experience at Canada’s most iconic sports & entertainment complex.

“Hershey Canada is very excited to embark on this new partnership with BC Place Stadium and bringing sweet moments of Hershey Happiness to visitors of BC Place”, said Gianpiero, District Sales Manager for The Hershey Company.

Of special significance to our community is the addition of various chocolate dipped real fruit juice products from Brookside Farms, based in the BC Fraser Valley, including Acai Blueberry, Pomegranate, Goji Raspberry and Mango Mangosteen; chocolate like you’ve never experienced before!

Vancouver-based sponsorship sales and marketing agency Score Marketing Inc. worked closely with Hershey’s Canada to welcome them into the BC Place Stadium family of sponsors.


About Score Marketing Inc.

Score Marketing Inc. is one of Canada’s leading sponsorship authorities. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our company specializes in sponsorship sales and marketing – with primary focus on Canadian brands and properties. For brands, we help to build award-winning sponsorship strategies and activation programs that support business objectives and drive meaningful, measurable results. For properties, we help to secure amazing corporate partners (think corporate soul-mates), maximize the overall revenue-generation potential of rights-holders, and generate positive sponsorship results. www.scoreinc.ca





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