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Sep 18th


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Score Marketing Inc. Provides Expertise to LIFT Philanthropy Partners

Vancouver, B.C. (September 18, 2012): Score Marketing Inc. and LIFT Philanthropy Partners announced a partnership today to support not-for-profit organizations to be sustainable and more effective in delivering measurable social impact in Canada. Together, they will help not-for-profit organizations improve the health and productivity of Canadians and their communities.

“At Score Marketing Inc. we believe that true and successful partnerships must drive meaningful win-win outcomes for both organizations,” said Garnet Nelson, Principal, Score Marketing Inc. “Our partnership with LIFT Philanthropy Partners does just that – it enables us to lend our specialized sponsorship marketing expertise to organizations that need it, while enabling us to give back to community sectors we feel good about supporting.”

Score Marketing Inc. is one of Canada’s leading sponsorship authorities with extensive experience working with some of Canada’s largest and most respected brands. As part of LIFT’s partner network, Score will provide pro bono sponsorship services and strategy development to improve the operations and impact of not-for-profit organizations across Canada.

“LIFT Philanthropy Partners is pleased to welcome Garnet Nelson and the team at Score Marketing Inc. to our pro bono partner network. We look forward to accessing their sponsorship marketing skills and expertise to improve the outreach and impact of not-for-profit organizations,” said Bruce Dewar, chief executive officer, LIFT Philanthropy Partners.

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