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Apr 23rd


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Bromley Baseboards @ WSSF Intersection Event

Although snow sports are obviously the focus of the World Ski & Snowboard Festival, branding and sponsorship are highly present in every facet of the ten day extravaganza with stage and music sponsors, branded tents and giveaways, and special event sponsors.  It’s always interesting to see year after year the creative ways brands are able to interact with festival goers beyond the conventional pop-up tents and free samples.  This April, one of the most anticipated events of the Festival – Intersection, a competition in which teams have one week to film, edit and present a ski and snowboard short film – allowed its sponsor to take advantage of one of the most well-known venues in Whistler.

Located at the Whistler Conference Center, near the base of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, Intersection is only a 2-hour event. Yet its main event sponsor, Bromley Baseboards, was able to completely take advantage of this short period of time. A relatively new product and company on the action sport scene, Bromley Baseboards did have a presence at the WSSF in a larger sense but pinpointed their efforts on Intersection. While they did bombard the venue with flag banners, projected logos, customary print materials, and traditional screen marketing pre- and post-event, Bromley Baseboards was able to create a unique marketing experience for the audience.

Bromley Baseboards contributed $15,000 for the top prize for the winning team and, in turn, they were able to append the contest rules by requiring 20 seconds of footage of a Bromley Baseboard to be used in each entry. Not only was the brand able to demonstrate the use of its product to a sold-out audience, but by using respected members of the target demographic (ie. young skiers & snowboarders) as the product users, Bromley gained a more captive and receptive audience. Further connecting this experience with the larger Festival, the subsequent day Bromley set up an area on mountain in which people could demo the Baseboards.

When compared to the constant onslaught of logos and banners found around the Festival, Bromley found a great way to reach its target audience in a way that people could appreciate and remember. While not everyone in the Intersection audience may have been interested in the product, Bromley was able to increase awareness of the brand in a way that never could have been done with simple banners and product giveaways.  Kudos to Bromley and their marketing team for their creative brand and event integration at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.


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