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Dec 12th


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December 2009

To support the launch of Future Shop’s Community Forum, showcase the knowledge of their product experts, and engage their key technology target groups, Members of Score Marketing Inc. were engaged to plan and execute a debate on the ‘Future of Television’.

To encourage interaction from both an online and live audience and to drive traffic to the forum, the debate was staged at a high profile Future Shop location in Vancouver and hosted online as a live webcast.  Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur, both well known celebrities in technology circles, held a captive audience for a full hour while they discussed Plasma vs. LCD and the future of television in general.

Future Shop Product Experts were employed as event ambassadors to answer questions in the chat room and promote the Community Forum.  For the last portion of the event Amber and Leo took questions from the chat room and also from the live audience.

The event was pre-promoted online through a combination of web advertising, blogger outreach, and traditional media relations and was extremely successful in promoting the community forum, engaging the target market and effectively adding real value to Future Shop consumers.


  • 1600 visitors were online on event day vs. 600 – 1000 on an average day
  • 77,279 page views on event day vs. 45,000 – 60,000 on an average day
  • 640 visits to the chat room with an average of 235 people chatting and 95 questions asked and answered
  • 2000 visitors observing throughout the web cast
  • Project generated 21 ‘units of content’ on the web
    • Units of content refers to URL’s where there are blog posts, videos, photo sets etc.

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