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Jun 12th


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June 2010

In February and March 2010, Vancouver hosted the world at the XXI Winter Olympic Games and the X Paralympic Games. The City of Vancouver (COV) looked to leverage this spotlight and shine as one of the world’s most spectacular and hospitable cities by creating an invigorated downtown core with attractive, vibrant, entertainment-based destinations through the development of “Live City Vancouver”.

This free public site provided both residents and visitors a unique, non-competition venue Olympic experience through world-class entertainment and integrated Olympic sponsor activations. “Live City Vancouver” was a truly evolutionary offering that merged the traditional Olympic sponsor celebration concept with an exciting and entertaining live site experience (never before done at an Olympic Games). Combining a live site with Olympic sponsor, provincial/national showcases would create a dynamic experience complete with cultural events, large-screen sports coverage, athlete appearances and sponsor-created content and activities all coming together in a place designed for celebration and discovery.

Imperative to the success of “Live City Vancouver” was to obtain revenue to fund the site through the sale of activation space to Olympic sponsors. Members of Score Marketing Inc. were engaged by the City of Vancouver to assist with the execution of a successful Live City program and was responsible for the development and execution of the Live City sponsorship plan that included:

  • Assessment of sponsorship feasibility
  • Development of sponsorship strategy
  • Coordination of all approvals between City of Vancouver and VANOC
  • Creation of sponsorship structure including levels, benefits and costs
  • Identification of potential sponsors
  • Solicitation and negotiation with sponsors
  • Writing of all sponsor contracts and obtaining legal approvals


  • Secured sponsorships with Olympic Sponsors (Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Samsung, ACER)
  • Raised over $2 million in sponsorship revenue for the City of Vancouver

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