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Feb 27th


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Celebrating Spirit at the 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion

The Aboriginal Pavilion located at Georgia and Hamilton is a vibrant site full of First Nations art, music and spirit.  The extensive daily programming of the site provides something for everyone spanning from Inuit throat singing, Métis jigging, First Nations hoop dancing, traditional drumming, as well as contemporary Aboriginal performances.  In addition to the live performances there is also the opportunity to visit The Chiefs’ House which is 65 foot viewing dome showcasing videos that highlight the heritage and history of the Four Host First Nations.

While there I managed to catch a First Nations break dance showcase and the Aboriginal Pavilion signature show We Are Here. This 9 minute long, 360 degree viewing experience showcased the Four Host First Nations both in a traditional and contemporary way while telling the story of their heritage.

The authenticity of the experience includes the First Nations people working the pavilion, to the chief that greets you at the beginning of the performance, even to the request of leaving the first row seats in the theatre empty for the elders.  All of these details plus the subtle sponsor logos and marks makes it feel that this experience is brought to you by the people and culture of the Four Host First Nations instead of a commercial sponsor or entity.

I beautiful pavilion not to be missed.

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