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Mar 5th


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Bell Ice Cube – An Interactive Experience

Situated on Beatty street just south of Robson, the Bell Ice Cube is home to Bell’s primary consumer activation pavilion.  Next to the Players Chophouse, (which has been transformed into the Bell’s hospitality night lounge, the Bell Blue Lounge) the Bell Ice Cube is a temporary structure that leaves a permanent impression on its visitors.

After a relatively short wait in line and a quick security screening, I was then ushered into the Ice Cube.  The front foyer, with its huge LED lit backdrop contained an info desk, where I received information about the Bell Ice Cube schedule of events and also some good leads for other free happenings in the city.  Proceeding forward, I was greeted by more friendly staff and received a pair of free Bell ear buds!

The main area, the HD Discovery Gallery, was a very cool place.  Fiber optic cables hanging from the ceiling, dim lighting and an icy theme all served to create a great winter feel, something that has been sorely missing in Vancouver this year.  Lining the walls of the Gallery are huge HD Televisions which play Olympic events and highlights all day, every day.  I stopped at one TV that was playing some freestyle ski mogul highlights, plugged my new ear buds into the ceiling jack and tuned right in.  On the back wall, I played around on the internet TV and entered a Bell exclusive contest.

In the centre of the gallery are 12 strange looking devices called Smart Cubes.  Motion activated, these cubes contain several unique vignettes about athletes, events, past Games, and inspirational stories.  I plugged my ear buds in and watched a CODE (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition) video that showed the physiological side of what happens in a speed skaters body while racing.  Very interesting.

At the front of the Ice Cube is a branded stage where Five-time Olympian Charmaine Crooks interviews Olympic and Paralympic athletes (every day at 3:00PM).  In addition to Ice Talks, as often as twice daily, the famous acapella group Naturally 7 dazzles the crowd with a unique brand of R&B, beat boxing, and harmonized vocal play.

Winding up my experience at the Bell Ice Cube I pass through a mini retail store which housed  a six foot tall Omnia phone and point of sale terminals.

Bell did a great job of creating a fun experience while showcasing its’ products and services in a creative and interactive way.  No shameless corporate messaging…instead very experiential based marketing that truly creates legitimate value to the consumer.  Well done, Bell.

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