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Apr 15th


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Amplifying Sponsorships with Social Media

It’s now harder than ever to disconnect from the online world and social media. The reality is that there is an estimated 2.3 billion combined users on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Windows Live so it’s safe to say social media is a growing trend and here to stay.

This is great news for sponsors. When used correctly social media is a powerful tool that allows you access to new markets and audiences, to interact with those that would not physically be able to attend or engage, and provide deeper consumer experiences that can resonate well after the initial contact point. It provides a reason for people to share your brand messages.

According to IEG, social media was the 4th most popular leveraging platform in 2012 with 74% of sponsors using the medium. So, ready to create a Facebook profile page and start asking for ‘likes’? Well, not so fast. As with any good sponsorship plan one must always be strategic with their initiatives and there is no exception when it comes to social media. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

  1. Offer engaging (aka. awesome) content: To be effective you need to provide content that will enhance the experience of your audience. By offering otherwise inaccessible content and unique information you are providing something of value. It may seem desirable to use this medium to push offers and brand messaging but it’s important to not be too commercial or you will not resonate with your audience and most likely turn them off. Focus on exciting content, and you’ll boost your cred while increasing the potential for social sharing.
  2. Invite participation and reward it: Remember the social media space is one driven by conversation so as a sponsor you are not there to just push content. The key to success is to invite your audience to comment, vote, like, etc. This will spawn engagement with their own groups and allow your audience to become marketers for you by sharing. Meaningful incentives such as donations, contests, and sweet prizes also never hurt.
  3. Focus on the right metrics: It’s easy to want to measure the success of your social media efforts through ‘likes’ or mentions but as with any sponsorship plan you should always measure results based on your core business objectives. Use social media to amplify your message and connect with your audience and the ‘likes’, follower count, and user behaviors will take care of itself.

Social media provides a captive audience that is willing to listen. Executing the right strategy as part of your sponsorship plan can help you strengthen your initiatives and activations while providing more return on your sponsorship investment.


About Score Marketing

Score Marketing Inc. is one of Canada’s leading sponsorship authorities. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our company specializes in sponsorship marketing – with primary focus on Canadian brands and properties. For brands, we help to build award-winning sponsorship strategies and activation programs that support business objectives and drive meaningful, measurable results. For properties, we help to secure amazing corporate partners (think corporate soul-mates) and maximize the overall revenue-generation potential of rights-holders. www.scoreinc.ca

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