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Mar 4th


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Alberta Plaza

Located at the corner of 2 intersecting pedestrian zoned streets, and the busiest corner throughout the Olympics, stood the Alberta Plaza.  If you happened to walk by this area you would not have missed this beautifully designed structure, with full interior view from street level.  The Alberta Plaza seemed to always draw the crowds, whether you could get through the doors or not.  Perhaps this is why it was such a success.  The open air concept allowed people passing by to admire the bands or watch the Games on one of the TV screens without ever having to go inside.

If you managed to get inside, you had good seats for the nightly concerts featuring musical groups from Alberta.  The Alberta Plaza also boasts some of the best food, as they cook up Alberta cuisine- Cowboy Trail Chili, Prairie Chowder, bison, and more.

The Alberta Plaza did a great job showcasing their province to the rest of the world.  The culture of the province really shone through by creating an atmosphere that capitalized on their arts, cuisine, landscape, and agriculture.  With the exterior wood-panelled design of the structure, the subtle tourism marketing tactics, and the odd guest sporting a cowboy hat, the Alberta Plaza achieved a great resemblance of the Alberta brand.

In addition to the Plaza was the Alberta House for hosting business-to-business activities for dignitaries, athletes, and media.  This was a great opportunity for Alberta to market their strong economy and tourism to the world.

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