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Feb 19th


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A Birds Eye View of Vancouver

The Province of British Columbia and Ziptrek Ecotours provides one of the most unique ways to experience the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver – by flying over 170 metres across Robson Street on a zip line.  Amongst the plethora of sponsorship activations occurring at Robson Square, this free activity stands high above them all and draws the attention of those passing through the area.  This is definitely an activation that is hard to miss – I mean how can you not notice people flying down a six story high zip line, and the six-hour long line-up of people waiting?

The activation is definitely a success from the experience front, but I was a bit surprised about the minimal branding of the zip line tower.  It is wrapped solely in imagery with no logos or sponsorship cues to be seen anywhere.  It would be easy for those not paying attention to miss that this amazing and exciting experience was brought to them by the Province of British Columbia.  Further to this, after capturing a video of the zip line experience I came to believe that the sponsor winner here may be Samsung as their building graphic will end up as the backdrop in every visitor’s souvenir videos and photos.


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