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Jun 20th


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5 reasons why sponsoring Mobi (A.K.A Vancouver Bike Share) is a HUGE deal.

This week’s article is inspired by Vancouver’s record breaking Bike to Work Week which occurred from May 30 to June 5. Fast commute times, an investment in bike lanes and an overall greater emphasis on healthy living are all factors that have led to a 30% increase in commuter and recreational cycling in Vancouver, from “99,000 in 2014 to 131,000” in 2016 (Ladner, 2016). That number is going to get a whole lot bigger this summer because of Score Marketing Inc.’s latest client, Mobi.

Mobi, which stands for “more bikes,” will be the largest smart bike program in North America with 1,500 bikes.

“Vancouver already tops North America for active transportation. Adding Mobi bike share to the mix will help further extend the reach of walking and transit trips, and change the way people get around Vancouver,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson.

The following are my top five reasons why brands should consider a partnership with Mobi.


1. Support Our City

I conducted research on 25 bike share programs across North America. Out of the 17 with a presenting or title sponsor, 14 had sponsors that were founded in the same city. Examples include Nike in Portland, Citigroup in New York City and New Balance in Boston. Clearly, brands want to invest in the sustainability of their respective hometowns as well as the health and wellness of its citizens.


2. Be a Champion of Sustainability

According to Susan Shaheen, co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California-Berkeley, a mile on a bike instead of a car keeps a pound of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (Magill, 2014). The City of Vancouver’s goal is to become the greenest city in the world by 2020 and Mobi is an opportunity for brands to align with and help achieve that goal.


3. Promote Healthy & Active Lifestyles

An article published by the University of British Columbia found that “cycling or walking to work was associated with an 11% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk.” Moreover, researchers found a 35% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk with at least 30 minutes of commuting by bike or on foot per day. Supporting Mobi means supporting the health and wellness of Vancouver’s citizens.


4. Engage Employees

The Mobi platform provides brands with innovative ways to demonstrate commitment to their employees. Memberships can be distributed to employees to provide a green method of transportation, helping to cultivate a healthier, happier workforce.


5. Increase Brand Awareness & Recall

According to Mobi’s operator, CycleHop, one bike will be shared by 1000 people and 500 bikes will produce over 360 million impressions per year. Mobi will have 1,500 bikes, so that translates to in excess of one billion impressions per year. This is in addition to the hundreds of stations and bike docks that will be highly visible in the dense core of downtown Vancouver.


Mobi will be a game changer for Vancouver. The five reasons I listed are just scratching the surface of the impact Mobi is going to have on the city and its citizens. This major initiative is going to change the way people think about active transit in Vancouver forever. The time to support this initiative is not in a year or a month, it is right now.

About Score Marketing Inc.

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